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is the best formula!

The best recipes can be counted on three fingers. Keep it simple to look and feel young at any age!
The rule of 3



To look and feel young at any age, all you need is less. You can always rely on a simple formula for your morning coffee, for your “go get’em” outfit, for your nights out and your nights in. And you know that the most important things can be said in no more than three words. 
It’s the same with your skin care routine: at every age, your skin needs a simple formula to look young and fight wrinkles. NIVEA brings you the new line of creams NIVEA Anti-Wrinkle Plus, to give you the most effective care in three simple steps:



The new NIVEA range offer high quality, affordable skin care for women aged 35+, 45+ and 55+ who are looking for an efficient anti-wrinkle solution. 


In order to remain beautiful, we need to listen to the needs of our skin and provide it with a proper care, adjusted to our age. This is why the New NIVEA Anti-Wrinkle Plus creams have simple formulas based on three active ingredients tailored to what our skin needs in each stage of maturity.

Watch the video and discover how simple anti-age skin care can be:



One day cream and one night cream are all you need to look young at any age. Choose the products for your age from our range of NIVEA Anti-Wrinkle Plus for 35+, 45+ and 55+.
Your anti-wrinkle strategy


In a world that overcomplicates everything, it is hard to find simple and reliable formulas that work every time. NIVEA simplifies your long-term strategy for perfect skin with no more than three simple rules:


As we age, our skin changes with our biology and our lifestyle. This is why it is important to listen to what our body needs and provide it with the most effective ingredients to support its natural functions and supplement the substances it can no longer produce on its own:



Our skin has its own biorhythm. Its needs shift depending on whether you’re sleeping or awake. With the right day and night creams, we can protect our skin and fight wrinkles 24 hours a day.

Day creams contain UV filters and antioxidants that protect the skin from the UVA/UVB rays found in sunlight to help to protect the skin from premature aging. They also contain caring ingredients to protect and care for the skin throughout the day.

During the night, the skin is more relaxed and the regeneration process of cell division speeds up. Night creams are richer and contain nourishing ingredients that, combined with a good night’s sleep, help to regenerate the skin.





Beautiful skin begins with a consistent routine: a simple formula applied regularly gives much better results than a sophisticated ritual applied occasionally. 

The key to healthy and beautiful skin is supporting its natural processes and supplementing it with the ingredients it needs without skipping mornings or evenings.

Investing a few minutes a day in our anti-wrinkle skin care is the simplest way to enjoy beauty for a long time.

Experts’ formula


As the leading brand in anti-aging skin care, we have studied the formulas for fighting wrinkles for 50 years. Our experts dedicate their knowledge, time and passion in finding the simplest formulas that work best for you, and their answers are here to guide you in creating your simple strategy for long-lasting beauty.

How does the skin change as we age?
After our 30th birthday, we start noticing first expression lines, as we squint and tense up approximately 15.000 times a day. At the same time our tolerance to stress is reduced, and decreased levels of collagen in the skin result in dryness, lack of smoothness and glow. Further, after 40 years, many new skin problems appear: fixed mimic wrinkles, nasolabial furrows, loss of skin firmness, and "sagging" facial oval. And finally, after the age of 50, the oestrogen levels decrease, and the structure and appearance of the skin changes. The corneal layer becomes thicker, and the remaining epidermal and subepidermal layers get thinner. With reduced blood supply, the skin receives less nutrients. It loses elasticity, becomes rough, dry and sensitive to external factors.

Why do I need different ingredients for different ages?
Because the structure of our skin changes, and it gradually loses the natural functions that keep it supple and smooth. In the first stage of anti-wrinkle care, we should focus on supplementing the loss of collagen, with a formula based on intensive hydration doubled by effective anti-age ingredients. In the second stage, when the skin tends to “sag”, our priority in anti-wrinkle care should be enhancing its firmness. And in the final stage, where the skin can no longer receive all the nutrients in needs to regenerate daily, the focus should be on revitalising it with an intensively nourishing formula.

What is the best formula for women over 35?
At this time of life, the skin needs smoothing the mimic wrinkles and intense hydration, so the most valuable ingredients are  grape seed oil, which provides strong protection and deep hydration of the skin, vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, which effectively prevents photoageing, has regenerative properties and maintains proper moisturisation, and UV filters. Over night, the skin needs ingredients like panthenol, which supports the process of skin regeneration, as well as optimises its ability to absorb and bind water in the corneal layer of the epidermis.

What is the best formula for women over 45?
At 45 years,  the ideal skin care should provide firmness and wrinkle-smoothing effect. A day cream with apricot kernel oil, which demonstrates a strong firming effect, shea butter, to enhance the natural protective barrier and hydration, and UV filters. And a night cream with a highly nutritious macadamia oil and panthenol.

What is the best formula for women over 55?
An effective formula specially developed for this age should provide what the skin needs most at this time of life: smoothing of the visible wrinkles, and revitalisation. A day cream  with argan oil, which slows down the skinageing process, calcium and UV filters. And a night cream with avocado oil, which effectively restores the skin protective barrier, damaged by time, and panthenol, which strongly supports the night regeneration processes.

What are other simple changes I can make to look young at any age?
Stress, malaise, lack of sleep, bad diet – the older we get, the more our bad habits influence our appearance. The change should start now. Healthy diet, exercise and carefully selected cosmetic products are the recipe for well-being and beautiful body, regardless of age. The sooner we start taking proper care of ourselves, the less effort it will require to get back in shape in the future.


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